Excellence and Deterrence

For a country with continental dimensions, the RAFALE provides a unique capability of huge airspace control, with a radius of action of ~1000 nautical miles (1850km, i.e. twice the one of the MIRAGE 2000 currently in service).

Quick reaction time, high speed, exceptional manoeuvrability, day & night identification, outstanding firing capabilities give the RAFALE a formidable ability for interception of any hostile, including low altitude and low speed ones, within unprecedented distance from its home base.

The twin-engine configuration provides the needed level of safety and survivability to overfly large and inhospitable areas, at sea or over the Himalaya.

Designed to replace all the existing combat aircraft in the French Air Force & French Navy, extremely powerful, highly agile, very discrete, the RAFALE, with its omnirole capabilities, carries out quick reaction alert, Air defence, Maritime, air-to-ground missions, power projection, reconnaissance missions and of course pilot training.

Heir to the worldwide famous MIRAGE, the RAFALE highlights additional significant improvements in the field of logistics, which make it extremely easy to maintain and to deploy as well.

With full commonality with the Air Force version, the RAFALE is also available in a Navy version to be operated from an aircraft carrier.

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